The QR Code, When & How To Use It?

Posted on June 1, 2013

The QR code is one of the latest technologies to make a splash in the business world. It’s a tool that has many positive uses for both customer and business.

Like it's older brother, the bar code, the QR code stands in for some form of information. It could be anything from a link to new products, a link to Facebook, or even coupons. The QR code works as a portal between customer and business, a small information highway. Customers use their smart phones to scan the QR code and once scanned, it links them to some page about the business. QR codes are effective in that the curiosity of what is at the other end is what makes many people scan. The fact that a coupon or a possible money-saving deal could be awaiting is a tipping point in whether or not someone scans. In fact, the possibility of coupons is the number one reason people use QR codes. This is one of the factors responsible in why shopping mothers are the number one users of QR codes.

The following lists several possible uses:

The list goes on, and the possibilities only end when your creativity does. You may be saying, "Wow! QR codes sound pretty cool. But how do I see one in action?"

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