The Importance of a Mobile Website Version

Posted on May 30, 2013

These days you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone on a mobile device. But is your website ready for the spotlight on the small screen? Sure anyone with a mobile device can pull up your website, so it’s not an issue of them finding your site. But unless your site was designed to be mobile their experience can be less then stellar. Is it optimized for the smaller mobile screen? Does it load quickly? Is it easy to navigate? Is it finger friendly?

Today’s consumer doesn’t just use their mobile device to access a search engine or watch a video. They are reading product reviews, finding retailers, downloading coupons, and making purchases. A bad mobile experience can cost you a customer so let Group W help you make their mobile experience the best it can be.

Your customers experience viewing your site on a mobile device should be as good as it would be on a desktop. It’s what they expect and it’s what you should deliver. On a mobile site people want to get to the essential pieces of information and get there quickly. Group W can help you prioritize content, reduce text and compress images to provide a friendly user experience that requires neither a keyboard nor a mouse.

And if wanting to be found is tops on your list, mobile is the way to go. Google provides separate search engine results for mobile searches, so having a site designed for mobile can help boost your ranking on searches done from mobile devices.