Facebook Page Insights

Posted on July 24, 2013

Page admins are interested in understanding if people are engaging with the content they publish. To help them with this, Facebook provides Page admins aggregated anonymous insights about people's activity on their Page. 

Page Insights gives Page admins a number of aggregate metrics, including: the number of people who like their Page, how many people see a post and how many people clicked on the post. These metrics are created by logging and aggregating people's activities related to the Page. The kind of activities logged include: seeing a post from a Page, clicking on a post or liking or commenting on the post.

Likes, Reach & Engagement are the main things to be studied and based on it to ask the below questions in order to set future advertising strategies;

What demographic data is available about people who like my Page?

How do I see how many likes my Page got over a specific date range?

What demographic data is available about the people my Page is reaching?

How many page views is my Page getting?

What external sources are referring traffic to my Page?

How frequently are people seeing my Page posts?

How many times is each of my Page tabs being viewed?

What demographic data is available for “Talking about this” on my Page?

Are fans the same thing as people who like my Page?